Application Developers


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In addition to enable users to access authoritative geographical data through the ELF Platform, ELF supports the use of the information. We recognise that much of the value for end users resides in products and services containing a combination of authoritative data from the National Mapping Authorities with data from other sources and – possibly – derivative information arrived at through some intelligent processing. Therefore, we welcome application developers that already are present in in the market or have a plan and capabilities to expand in that direction. To facilitate their work, we strive at making thematic and other data from different third party sources available in line with the requirements of the application developers.

Four application developers are on board from the beginning of the project, addressing applications in emergency mapping, real estate, geo-health and insurance. However, the intention is to attract as many application developers as possible and to the extent possible assist them in making use of the ELF information.  


Have a great idea for an application that uses pan-European spatial data or data outside your own country? We can help!


During autumn 2014 and winter/spring 2014/5 there will be a number of events dedicated to create awareness about ELF and the possibilities it will create through the ELF products and the ELF dissemination platform as well as to better understand how ELF can support the application developers.  More information about these events will be published shortly.

Stay tuned!